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How not to Gain Weight

Hello Everybody,

 There is plenty of information about how to lose weight, but how do you avoid gaining it in the first place? If your weight is fine now you do not want a weight loss diet to keep it that way. You just need to do what you are doing already. The problem is changes in lifestyle. All it needs is a new coffee shop in your town. Soon everyone from mothers with children to pensioners make it their second home and there goes their waistlines. Or perhaps you get a new job and only have time for a lunchtime sandwich, packet of crisps and a Coke. You may not take a decision to put on weight, few people do, it just happens. We know that fast food and no exercise makes you fat but there are other things which are not so obvious. Here are a few.

 Stress:  Comfort eating is a good way of gaining weight. If you find snacking relieves stress try to decrease it with a break from whatever is causing the stress. Have a stroll round the block at lunch time, maybe a chat with a friend; break up your day if you are able. If you still need to comfort eat avoid sugar and calories.  Keep the calories down with plain popcorn, rice cakes or a cracker biscuit. Fruit is a healthy snack and an apple is best, remember there are 100 calories in a banana so don’t eat too many.

 Medication: Steroids are well known for causing weight gain but other drugs can also affect your weight.  Those used for hormone replacement and some oral contraceptives can cause the same result. Not all weight gain which occurs when you are on medication is directly caused by the drugs. Maybe you cannot move around much and are putting on weight due to lack of exercise and not because of the drugs you are taking. If you are on prescription medicines and having a weight problem tell your doctor.  He may be able to provide a better alternative.

 Lack of Sleep:  Kids love midnight feasts. They are fine for kids but for adults midnight snacks mean calories and calories mean weight gain. We all need sleep and if we are not getting it we may get stressed and begin daytime snacking along with eating at night.

 Stopping smoking: You can prolong your life by stopping smoking but weight gain is a well known side effect. Substituting a chocolate bar for a cigarette may be a little healthier, but the calories add up fast. It is tempting to enjoy your food now that you can taste it – just try to keep to small portions and healthy ingredients.

 Low-fat foods:  We are inundated with low-fat foods. So why do we eat them and still gain weight? The problem is many low-fat bars and snacks may be low-fat but are often high in sugar. Look at the labels, low-fat does not always mean low calorie.

These are just some of the reasons for weight gain. Of course the most common is eating junk food and an addiction to TV, but if you are living a healthy lifestyle and still putting on weight do consider the more unlikely reasons. In most cases it is not too hard to change your lifestyle enough to maintain you ideal weight.

See you soon,


Peter Stockwell


21 September 2013




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What to Eat for Heart Health

Hello Everybody,

 When we think of heart disease we may picture a 65 year old overweight businessman who enjoys a cigarette and a bottle of wine. He is indeed a good candidate but there are many of us at risk who do not fit that profile. In the US 600,000 people a year die of heart disease and many developed countries are not far behind. These people are not all unfit businessmen looking forward to their retirement. Heart problems can hit young as well as old, healthy as well as unhealthy, although people above 45 years of age are more at risk. Some heart problems are genetic related and if there is heart disease in your family it is just common sense to live a healthy life style and to have regular check ups with your doctor.

 A heart attack happens when the blood flow to the heart is blocked. This is caused by the build up over time of fatty substances in the coronary artery. This build up is often caused by a person’s lifestyle.

 But heart disease is not inevitable and we can do a lot to reduce the risks.

 Eat a healthy diet. A bad diet can cause a lot of health problems as well as heart connected illnesses. Give up junk food. Eat a diet low in salt, and remember pre-packed meals are one of the big sources of excessive salt. Check the packets; you only need to do it once to separate good from bad. Avoid cholesterol rich fatty foods. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.

 Control portion size.  You can put on weight even with a healthy diet if you eat too much. Use smaller plates and you will eat less.

 Exercise. Try to exercise 30 minutes a day either at one time or as two 15 minute sessions. This can be a brisk walk, a cycle ride, a swim, dancing or a trip to the gym. Whatever you enjoy and which makes you a little out of breath.

Give up smoking.  Giving up smoking is tough but nothing like as tough as having a heart problem or other smoking related illnesses.

That is all there is to it. There are plenty of low fat, low cholesterol long term diets available. Long term is the secret, you will not have a healthy heart by just losing some weight and then going back to your old lifestyle. Your lifestyle is what you need to change. One of the best long term diets is the Mediterranean diet. This has a history of success and has been the subject of a lot of research. It does reduce the chances of heart disease. It also tastes good, has numerous recipes you can choose from and even allows you to drink the occasional glass of wine. Looking after your heart can help you lose weight, feel good and look good. It may be the best decision you will ever take.


See you soon,


Peter Stockwell


22 August 2013

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How to Avoid Sunburn

Hello Everybody,

We all know the dangers of sunburn and yet each summer many of us get sunburnt. Maybe we cover up, perhaps we use sunscreen but we still get burnt. What we have found out is that covering up is not enough, the sun’s UV rays can get through clothing. A white tee shirt has no more effect than a factor 7 sunscreen and that is not much. Dark clothes are a little better but they are still not enough. We need to wear the right sunscreen even underneath light clothing. But how do we get burnt and what is the right sunscreen?

 It is easy enough to get burnt and the closer we are to the equator the easier it gets, particularly for those with light skin or red hair. Sunburn can occur in as little as 15 minutes without protection and is caused by high exposure to ultra violet (UV) light.  There are two types of UV rays, UV-A are everywhere even on a cloudy day and can cause damage and ageing of the skin. UV-B are the rays which give you tanning, sunburn and most skin cancers. Both can be bad news if you do not protect your skin. Sunscreens are given a sunburn protection factor (SPF) based on their ability to block UV light. A high SPF is better than a low one.

 When you are choosing a sunscreen there are a few things to consider.

 Broad spectrum. Make sure your sunscreen protects against both UV-A and UV-B rays.

 Sun protection factor.  This should be at least 15. High SPF sunscreens are good but there is no need to go above SPF 70.

 Waterproof. Make sure your sunscreen is waterproof if you are likely to swim or sweat a lot.

 Renew frequently. Renew at least every two hours.

 Not just on the beach.  You can get sunburnt anywhere. In the park on your lunch break, on a bicycle, even walking to the shop. So carry sunscreen with you and stay safe.

 Children. Do not use adult sunscreen on children, use children’s sunscreen which is made of more child friendly ingredients.  Use SPF 15 or higher and keep babies of 6 months old or younger out of the sun.

 There are dangers with sun bathing, but the alternatives may be worse.  Using a sun bed for 10 minutes is twice as likely to cause skin cancer as a holiday in the Mediterranean. Sun beds are also not recommended for people under 25 years of age due to their increased cancer risk.  That, of course, is exactly the age when we want to look our best. Fake tans are little better. The FDA suggests that, due to cancer risk, people using spray tanning products wear protective undergarments, protective eye wear, nose filters and eye balm and never to spray tan on a regular basis.

 Compared with sun beds and fake tans sun bathing for sensible periods with a high SPF sunscreen must be the safest option. So exercise, eat healthy food, sunbathe in moderation and you will look great. Enjoy your holiday.


See you soon,


Peter Stockwell


31 July 2013

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How to Beat Cellulite

Hello Everybody,

  Cellulite can spoil your day, sometimes more than your day. It can be the ruination of a long awaited beach holiday, specially these days when everybody carries a mobile camera. Cellulite is not life threatening, nobody dies of cellulite, but it can become a big worry. Of course you want to look good, you do look good. But without cellulite you could look better. Maybe you have tried to fix it with creams, exfoliants or even liposuction and still have cellulite.  You could have tried for months, spent a lot of money and still find yourself depressed on the beach. What can you do?

 It helps to know what cellulite is and why it occurs. Cellulite is the fat which lies just beneath your skin. Associated with it is collagen and inflexible connective tissue. As fat cells get bigger the connective tissue does not expand evenly and this gives you the dimpled appearance of cellulite. Hormonal changes and diet can cause cellulite, but it is not caused by being overweight – although it may appear more obvious in an overweight person.

The reason creams and exfoliants do not work is because cellulite is not a skin problem. It is a tissue and fat problem. So the best way of minimising it is to tone your thighs and buttocks. We know that being overweight does not cause cellulite, but neither does it help and muscle toning exercises have the added bonus of burning off calories.

There are two good ways of toning your muscles and these are walking and floor exercises. Walking is the easiest and will slim your thighs and buttocks as well as helping you lose weight. Like any exercise you need to do it on a regular basis. Half an hour’s brisk walking daily is the minimum to have much effect and it is best combined with a healthy diet. Floor exercises are more demanding, but target your cellulite areas and are worth doing. A simple one consists of lying face down with arms folded in front of you and head raised. With legs together raise them slightly and bend the knees. Begin by holding this position for five seconds and work up to fifteen seconds. Repeat three times – do more repeats if you feel comfortable. Like walking this should be done each day.

These exercises will not cure cellulite, but they will minimise it and make it less noticeable. You will look and feel a lot better too. Do not expect instant results, but after four or five weeks you will look good and be ready for the beach.


See you soon,


Peter Stockwell


17 July 2013


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Weight Loss with Hypnosis

Hello Everybody,

 It is easy to lose weight – all you do is give up junk food, eat a healthy diet and take regular exercise.  Which, of course is true, but the real problem is doing it. Junk food is nice, TV is addictive, we all like out little snacks.  The result is there for all to see – so why do we do it? The advantages of getting slim are enormous, not only do we live longer, we can climb stairs and run for a bus without distress, dance the night away, maybe have a love life and best of all buy lots of new clothes. Losing weight is a no brainer. Or it would be if somewhere inside us there was not a little voice saying, ‘One more chocolate will do no harm, I deserve a treat, I’m not having a walk in this weather.’ So it goes on and so we put on weight. If that describes your weight loss struggle maybe it is time to try hypnotherapy.

 A hypnotherapist is not one of those people who go on stage and convince volunteers they are Napoleon Bonaparte. Hypnotherapy is a well tried and well respected profession. Dr John Kappas, founder of the Hypnosis Motivation Institute described the hypnotherapist as one who ‘Induces a hypnotic state in a client to increase motivation or alter behaviour patterns. Consults with client to determine nature of problem. Prepares client to enter hypnotic state by explaining how hypnosis works and what client will experience. Tests subject to determine degree of physical and emotional suggestibility. Induces hypnotic state in client, using individualised methods and techniques of hypnosis based on interpretation of test results and analysis of client’s problem. May train client in self-hypnosis conditioning.’ A professional hypnotherapist looks after his client’s welfare at all times.

Finding a hypnotherapist is not difficult but should be done with care. The best and easiest way is to ask your doctor for a recommendation. Alternately there are online directories which will give details of hypnotherapists near you. Make sure whoever you choose has suitable training, qualifications and experience and belongs to a respected professional organisation. Time spent obtaining as much information as possible is well spent.

The results you may seek are to crave less for junk food and be happier to eat a healthy diet; you may also want to take more exercise. If hypnotherapy improves your motivation and you achieve this it will have done its job. But only try hypnotherapy if nothing else has worked.  Fast weight loss diets are good for short term weight loss, but not if you want to lose weight and stay that way. Have you tried a good healthy diet like the Mediterranean diet or Weight Watchers?  If you enjoyed one or the other stick with it, and your problem is well on the way to being solved. Have you tried a gentle walk round the block?  Speed up a little, do it for 30 minutes a day and that is your exercise taken care of. But if this just does not work for you it is worth trying hypnotherapy, a little more motivation may be all you need.


See you soon,


Peter Stockwell,


22 June 2013


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How to Lose Belly Fat

Hello Everybody,

 It’s a familiar story. You have been eating a healthy diet, taken regular exercise and have lost weight. Things are looking good, except for your belly which is not looking good at all. Why should that be? Why are you not losing weight all over? It’s a good question. The simple answer is that your weight loss program has not gone on long enough and that you will lose your belly fat over time. But it is not always as easy as that.

A woman of post menopausal or near menopausal age can have hormone balance problems. The body’s natural insulin level shifts, disrupting its hormone levels.  This is more likely to occur if you are over weight to begin with. Your hormonal imbalance can cause cravings for sugars and carbohydrates, thus making you even more overweight.

 Another possible cause is stress.  Stress can cause comfort eating and this is a sure fire way of putting on weight. But in addition the hormone cortisol is released by stress and this encourages fat to build up in the abdominal area. Of course the dozens of overweight people you see in any High Street or shopping mall do not all have these problems. But plenty are menopausal women and plenty comfort eat for whatever reason.

 So how do you lose belly fat?  One thing to know is you cannot target it. Crunches and toe touching are fine and will help you get fit, but they will not specifically help belly fat. You need to eat a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise. If you have been doing this already look at the diet you are eating. If you have just tried a fast weight loss program perhaps you have chosen the wrong diet for you. Fast weight loss diets can be fine if you choose a sensible one that does not promise miracles, but always stop after a few weeks. There is recent research which suggests starting with a fast weight loss diet lets you see results, motivates you and is a good way into a long term weight loss program.

 For your long term weight loss you need a safe healthy diet. My favourite is the Mediterranean diet. This tastes good, is varied and helps you lose weight slowly and effectively. How much exercise have you been doing? It should be a minimum of 30 minutes a day. The type of exercise can vary to suit your preference, but walking or jogging is easy and enjoyable.

 If you have already lost a lot of weight some of your belly fat may really be excess skin. As you get bigger your skin stretches, but as you lose weight your skin does not always shrink back again and can settle around your waist. This can be more of a problem with people who have lost a lot of weight. If it is really causing you distress it is time for a chat with your doctor.

Losing belly fat is not always easy. Do not expect fast results. Just take your time, keep to your healthy lifestyle and you will do it.


See you soon,


Peter Stockwell


11 June 2013


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Weight Loss for Teenagers

Hello Everybody,

 There is never a good time of life to be overweight. But the teenage years must be one of the worst. With all the other pressures teenagers have to put up with they do not need a weight problem as well. It is only too easy to get into a cycle of becoming overweight due to family lifestyle, or maybe some other reason beyond a teenager’s control, then get laughed at or bullied and compensate with comfort eating. Matters go from bad to worse and there is no way out. There is a way out – it may not be easy at first but success will come and with success confidence and with confidence more success. It is another cycle but this time a positive one.

 So what can you do to lose weight? Start by looking at your lifestyle, which is the cause of the problem. The solution is to eat more healthy food and get more exercise. The hard part is doing it. If you are the only one in your family with a weight problem you should be able to get support and can try to live like they do. But if all your family is over weight it may be more difficult. You probably eat what they eat, the fridge is full of unhealthy food and nobody gets much exercise. Whatever it is you need to take control of your own life and to know what to do to lose weight.

Going on a diet is not the answer. You can lose some weight with a fast weight loss diet, but it will come back again when you stop. What you must do is change your lifestyle. Your old lifestyle is what caused your problems – so bin it. Start by giving up fizzy drinks, you really don’t need to carry a bottle of high calorie sugar everywhere. Stop that and you are on your way to losing weight already, and you will have fewer visits to the dentist as a bonus. If you live somewhere hot and need to drink a lot carry a bottle of water. That will also help to fill you up between meals and make you less likely to snack.  If you do get hungry mid morning or mid afternoon eat an apple.

Always eat a light breakfast, if you skip breakfast you will just get hungry mid morning and start snacking. A good breakfast is muesli, fresh fruit and low-fat yoghurt. Drink black coffee or coffee with skimmed or semi skimmed milk. For lunch, if you are at work or school, pack a lunch box. This could contain a sandwich of granary bread filled with chicken or grated cheese and salad. Also pack an apple or a banana. An evening meal can be lean meat with plenty of vegetables, brown rice or pulses. Avoid white bread, white rice or any other highly processed food. Finish with fresh fruit. If you do not have much time frozen meals from Weight Watchers tell you how many calories your are eating, are generally healthy and can be cooked in the microwave. But don’t live on them. One or two a week is plenty. This is just a few of the sort of things to eat. There are plenty of recipes and suggestions online and five minutes searching will give you all the information you need. This change in lifestyle will not give you rapid weight loss but losing one or two pounds a week is healthy and it soon adds up.

That is all you need to do to lose weight. There are just two more things to consider – maybe the most important of all. Motivation; without motivation you will not start, or you will give up before you have achieved anything. Do you really want to get slim and are you prepared to put time and effort into achieving it?  You must decide. The other thing is how slim? It is not impossible to get so hooked on losing weight you can’t stop. That is dangerous. Find out your ideal weight, reach it and then up your food intake so you stay that way.  You really can lose weight and achieve your ideal weight, no doubt about it. Why not start now?


See you soon,


Peter Stockwell


30 May 2013,


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How to Lose Weight Over 40

Hello Everybody,

 You  had a few ups and downs but your weight stayed fairly steady during your 20s and 30s. Then you reached 40 and started to put on weight. You eat healthy food, you get some exercise, it worked before – what’s happened? Like most things there are reasons and solutions. Your weight gain is nothing to do with failure on your part and everything to do with how nature works. Like many people you need to know how to lose weight over 40.

As we get older our metabolic rate drops. That means our body needs to burn fewer calories to maintain its weight. If we carry on eating the same and exercising the same as we did when we were young we are going to put on weight. That is why older people have trouble with their weight and why losing it is not easy. Even if you try to keep to a healthy lifestyle it is hard to lose weight over 40.  If you are at home looking after your family you can be eating for comfort or out of boredom. Even daytime TV can become addictive and that is as good a way as any to forget your exercise program.  If you are working maybe you live on sandwiches or have regular corporate lunches and drive everywhere. The last thing you want, whatever you do, is to exercise each evening – you are too exhausted.

 You need to eat 500 calories less than you need each day to lose 1 pound a week. But you may be eating 300 calories a day more than you need already. To eat 800 less a day is a challenge and for some may not be achievable. The best thing to do is trial and error, but it will involve exercise. Try eating 500 calories less. One way of doing it is to eat smaller portions and that is achieved by using smaller plates. You can also cut out anything obvious like a mid morning latté and croissant, or eating a lot of white bread. Then you really will have to exercise. This helps burn off calories and you will not have to rely just on a reduced diet to lose weight. The easiest exercise is walking or jogging.  The reason I suggested trial and error is that you may not be eating 300 calories more than you need. So try half an hour’s brisk walking a day, which can be two 15 minute sessions morning and evening if that is more convenient. If you start losing weight that is all you need, if not increase the exercise. You will also benefit by swapping any high calorie foods you may still be eating for more healthy fruit and vegetables.

 If you have been weight watching in the past you already know how to lose weight over 40. You just need to carry on, but eat less and exercise more. If you have been eating the wrong food and not getting enough exercise you must change your way of life. Eating healthy food is important and, although not everybody likes it, exercise is essential as we grow older. Not only does it burn calories but it slows the loss of muscle mass which occurs with age. There is no reason why people over 40 should not be as fit and slim as when they were younger, but it is harder work. If you are prepared to deal with this there will be no problem losing weight when you are over 40.


See you soon,


Peter Stockwell


18 May 2013


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The Top Five Weight Gain Myths

Hello Everybody,

 If you decide to lose weight you will find a lot of information available. There is advice in magazines and books, online, on TV and radio and most likely from friends with their very own no-fail diets. Knowledge is power, but it can also be total confusion. How do you tell good from bad, or fact from fiction? Why did you get over weight in the first place and what can you do to avoid it in the future? Not easy, especially as some popular explanations for weight gain are not correct. There are a few which have been around so long they have nearly become folk law. So what are the five top weight gain myths?

 Potatoes:  Carbohydrates make you fat and potatoes contain a lot of carbohydrates – so never eat potatoes. That seems quite straightforward, but we now know the body needs carbohydrates and they should not be cut out completely. As long as you eat high carbohydrate foods such as pasta, white rice and potatoes in moderation you will be fine. Do be careful with baked potatoes when served with cheese and a lot of butter, they will make you gain weight. But do not blame the potato.

 Breakfast:  Eat breakfast and you get fat, cut out breakfast and you cut out a lot of calories. So they say. The problem is you will start the day without much energy, and then mid morning find you really must have a large latté and an almond croissant. Of course a full English breakfast will make you put on weight. There is plenty of proof of that, but we all need a light breakfast before we start the day. There are many things you can eat without building up the calories. Two meals suggested by the British National Health Service are muesli, fresh fruit and low fat yoghurt or alternatively boiled egg with wholemeal toast and low fat spread. This gives an idea of the sort of thing you should be eating. Black coffee is best, but coffee with skimmed or semi skimmed milk will do no harm.

 Sausages: Never eat sausages, they contain saturated fats and preservatives and are really bad for you. That is the received wisdom and it is true that saturated fats are not as good as unsaturated fats. But research shows that saturated fats in moderate quantities can have beneficial effects. Do be careful, cook in vegetable oil and choose quality sausages with high meat content. Cheap sausages cooked in fat really are bad for you.

 Fruit: All fruit is good fruit; we must eat more of it. I would agree we must eat more fruit, but make sure it is the right kind. It is easy to forget the calories in fruit and a surprise when we find out. Dates are not often included in a list of best fruits, which is a good thing as a cup of dates contains a massive 460 calories. A medium banana, which is good for you, still has 105 calories and banana lovers know how easy it is to eat a lot of bananas. Grapes can be dangerous. The 114 calories in a cup of grapes is a consideration, but non-organic grapes are high in pesticides and should be avoided. The best fruit to eat is the good old apple, small, portable and weighing in at just 50 calories, it is hard to beat.

 Fast weight loss diets:  Lose weight fast and you will only put it back on again. Slow is the way to go. There is some truth in this, but it need not always be the case. If you must lose weight fast, for whatever reason, choose a fast weight loss plan which seems sensible. Keep it up for two or three weeks and then stop. You will probably have lost weight, then as predicted you will start to put weight back on again. This is nothing to do with the fast weight loss diet and everything to do with you going back to the old lifestyle which made you overweight in the first place. What you should do is go from your fast weight loss diet to a healthy diet with plenty of exercise. Your weight loss will slow down, but you will carry on losing weight until you reach your long term goal. Then you can slightly increase what you eat to maintain your weight at the desired level.

Weight loss advice changes as we learn more about how our bodies work. What was thought of as fact a while ago may not seem so certain today. It is apparent from these few popular myths that less healthy food does not do much harm if eaten in moderation. If you live on sausages you will gain weight but enjoying sausages, or one of the other less healthy foods, once a week will not be a disaster. Of course you do need to keep to a healthy diet for the other six days. Do this and not only will you lose weight, you can enjoy occasional treats as well.


See you soon,


Peter Stockwell


8 May 2013


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Eating Less But Not Losing Weight?

Hello Everybody,

 If you are eating less and not losing weight you are not alone. There are many people with your problem and it is usually not hard to fix. Assuming there is no medical condition there are not many reasons why this is happening. You might just be impatient. If you have only been dieting for a short while you may not yet see the results you want. It could be you have just temporally stopped your weight decrease and have reached a plateau. Another likely reason is you are not getting enough exercise. Let us look at these possibilities.


 Disappointing weight loss:  In the first week or so you may lose several pounds. It is going really well and then you slow down. Do not worry – at first you are losing water weight and this happens with everybody. After that, if you are eating a healthy diet and getting daily exercise, your weight will reduce at a slower rate. But you may have lost weight and be not far from your goal when your weight loss stops. If you have not lost weight for three weeks or more you are on the dreaded plateau. Do not despair, a lot of people find themselves on a plateau and it is not too hard to start losing weight again.

 The plateau:  As you lose weight your metabolism slows down. You need less effort to carry less weight around and so you burn fewer calories. If you are still eating the same amount as when you started your weight loss program you are consuming what your body needs to maintain its weight, but too much for you to lose weight. This may explain why you are on a plateau. Cut down on what you eat and see if this solves the problem. Another reason may be that you are eating way too little. This can cause your body to go into starvation mode and for your metabolism to slow right down. That enables your body to maintain its weight on very few calories. If you have been starving yourself eat more and go onto a less extreme diet.

 Not enough exercise: Exercise tones the muscles and makes you feel good. It is particularly useful for older people as it slows down the natural loss of muscle mass which occurs with age. It also burns calories. You should do a minimum of 30 minutes a day of brisk walking, swimming, cycling, dancing or time in the gym. Whatever exercises you enjoy do them. Be aware you will not burn off a lot of calories without a lot of exercise. The amount of calories burnt varies with the exercise but you will need to walk for an hour to burn off a bar of chocolate. So the stroll round the park to walk off Sunday lunch will not be as effective as you might expect. Certainly the calories you burn through exercise will help you lose weight. If you are on a plateau, because you have changed your diet and cut down on calories as much as you can manage, increasing exercise can start you losing weight again.

If you are eating less but not losing weight these few tips will help.  Make sure you are eating healthy food - eating less unhealthy food is still eating unhealthy food and it may contain more calories than you think. Remember that, although fast weight loss can have its place in an emergency, slow weight loss is healthy weight loss. You can lose weight; check your calories, keep up your daily exercise, allow yourself time and you will succeed.


 See you soon,


Peter Stockwell


30 April 2013


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