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The Best Food to Help Asthma

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In the developed countries asthma is increasing. It seems to be a product of the modern world. Although we cannot cure it we can control it with medication and make sure we have a diet which can help our condition.

There is more than one best food to help asthma, but we should know that no food will eliminate asthma attacks. What the right diet can do is reduce obesity, which affects breathing and makes an asthma attack more likely. There are also some foods to avoid such as chocolate, milk, dairy products, salty foods and white bread which are said to increase the problems of asthma.

Here are some foods which may help decrease asthma attacks.

Raw vegetables fruit and dates:  These are part of a normal healthy diet. If you reduce or cut out dairy products make sure you do not become deficient in calcium. There are some vegetables which can provide this such as celery, soybeans, spinach and Brazil nuts. Oranges are also a good source of calcium.  Other fruits and seeds which help asthma are bananas, apples and pears, together with buckwheat and sunflower seeds. Tomatoes are particularly beneficial.

Honey and ginger:  You can add this to warm water and drink it before you go to bed. It can help breathing at night.

Omega-3, vitamin D and quercetin supplements: These can be useful to help your breathing.

There is more research to be done regarding diet and asthma. What has been done confirms that a healthy diet helps and that obesity is bad for asthma sufferers. Exercise is also good, and never let asthma prevent a daily walk or other exercise unless your doctor tells you not to do so.

As we have said there is not just one best food to help asthma, there are many. All you need to do is have a good diet and keep fit. Research suggests that my favourite Mediterranean diet is one of the best, but other diets with healthy ingredients are fine. You will not cure asthma with a healthy diet, but you will feel a lot better and especially so if you are able to exercise as well.


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Peter Stockwell


2 December 2012


Photo. Emily Barney (Flickr)


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